Yahya Hawwa






Yahya Hawwa


The Birth: Yahya Hawwa was born in Hama, Syria in 1976. He was brought up and studied till high school in the noble city of Makkah where he also completed memorizing the Holy Qur'an. He moved to Jordan to join university. He  studied Islamic Law and Fiqh and its Principles in Zarqa Private University from which he graduated in 2003. While studying, he was the imam of Al-Kaloti mosque – one of Amman biggest mosques. He is married and has got two kids Muhammad and Huda.


Albums: Yahya Hawwa was called the 'optimistic munshid' after releasing Ji'naak or 'We Came to You' album. He performed in seven albums produced by Sana foundation during the last seven years. The albums in order are An-Nas or 'People'; Quloub or 'Hearts'; Kun Ma`i  or 'Be with Me'; Mutafa'il or 'Optimistic'; Qalbi Shada or 'My Heart Sang'; Anta Qalbi  or 'You Are my Heart'; and Kun Jamilan  or 'Be Beautiful'.


clips: Qalbi or 'My Heart' filmed in 2005; Hayati Li-Llah or 'My Life Is for Allah' which was first displayed on Shatha TV on the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan for the year 1428 A.H.; and Ya Thal-Galal or 'O, You the Almighty'


Festivals and Parties: To participate in artistic festivals, Hawwa visited many Arab and Western countries like Algeria, Yemen, Morocco, Britain, Australia, Canada, Turkey, UAE, Kyrgyzstan, and Bahrain. These activities are as follows: a party for orphans in Jeddah; a festival in Qatar in Sheraton hotel; and many festivals in beloved Algeria. The activities also include Al-Quds Tunadina festival in Qatar; a party in Irbid, Jordan for students who memorized the Qur'an; Buraydah 2 and 3 festivals in KSA; Yemen festival in Jordan University;  Hayat FM festival; Wa Shawqah Rasul Allah festival; Munshid of Sharjah festival; Hayati Kollaha Lil-Lah festival; Saifak Nashid festival; An-Nusra inshad festival; Innaka Be-A`yunina festival; a party in Redwan schools; annual party of Nasamat Al-Fann Network; Redwan Schools festival for the Messenger of Allah; Doha festival; Orphan 1st festival in Jazan; a festival called Indama Yantaser Al-Afaf or 'When Chastity Wins'; Shatha TV party; Al-Quds Tunadina 2nd festival; parties for Qur'an memorizers in Saida; Saifana Ghayyar or 'Your Summer Changed' festival in Sana`a; As-Sir festival in a mall in Jeddah; Australia party; festival of the beautiful city of Wahran; Hala party in Kuwait in February; Al-Lowaibeda family center's first party; Djelfa party in Algeria; 'Educational Harvest' party in Jordan; WAMY festival; and finally, 4 Shbab's Soutak Wasel party.


Qur'anic Production: Among which are Surat (chapter of the Qur'an) Yusuf; surat Yasin and surat As-Safaat; surat Al-Israa and surat Al-Kahf; surat Mariam and surat Taha; the twenty seventh Part of the Qur'an called "Az-Zariyat" ; and the thirtieth Part of Qur'an i.e. "`Amma" in addition to supplications. Moreover, he completed recording the whole Qur'an.