Abdel-Fattah Owainat



Abdel-Fattah Abdullah Owainat

 The Birth: He was born in Kuwait.


The Education: He studied Islamic Law and Principles in Zarqa Private University, Jordan.


Established: He was raised on Islamic basis in a noble religious family. His attachment to mosques and to distinguished scholars and preachers in Kuwait had a great impact on his balanced and religious personality. Since 1990, he moved to Jordan where he offers his art till now.


Beginnings:His talent was discovered early in his childhood while reciting the Qur'an at a mosque. He was encouraged greatly, so he started his carrier as a munshid.

  • His real beginning was in 1987 when Ar-Rawabi artistic band started in Kuwait. Till now, Owainat is a member of the band and works as a munshid, composer, and writer;

·         beside being an ex-artistic manager.


His work: He worked for many artistic bodies like Al-Amal for Artistic Services, Taif for Artistic Production. He is currently working for As-Sout Al-Jadid (New Voice) for Artistic Production, as a sound production manager.


Events: He took part in many international festivals and activities in Arab Gulf countries, Lebanon, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Austria, Sweden, Italy, Britain, and Russia.

·         He participated in many artistic programs like 'Angham' (melodies) on Resala TV; beside some others on feasts.


Latest albums: He has many Albums last of which is "I like good deeds".