Mozakkerat Sa’eh 7

The wonderful program “Mozakkerat Sa’eh” proceeds the sexth season, as it made great success in the previous 5 seasons. Our honorable Sheikh Prof. Ali Al ’Omari give the audience the chance to visit some of the most beautiful spots of the world, this will be through 30 series which compose the fifth part of the program

ayoha alensan

Wonderful program in which Dr. Aly Alomary takes us to build a great personality based on our Islamic value that aims to raises the nations and humanities to higher standards.


A new color of drama and creativity varied between comedy and Tragic broadcasting exclusively for the first time on 4shbab TV.

Khareg Al Sandook

Was Islam in its firs prosperous ages rich in great creative characters and developed creative policies? It is a smart comparison between past and present through which we try to get out of our mental limits in order to create virtually an overall view for the life and religion.


Nawafez or “Windows\" is a new program that is broadcasted exclusively on 4shbab every Wednesday at 10:00 pm Mecca local time.

Men Awel Al Satr

when events go on and visions vary, facts disappear and visions became faint. Consequently, we realize concepts and start from the first line (Men Awel Al Satr) with Anwar Al Eseiry exclusively on your 4shbab TV.

Fiqh Al Asr

It is a unique program of the scientific programs and it discusses the most important issues and separates fatwas from suspicions with the great religious man Sheikh Mohammed Al Dodo.


It is one of the best competition and thriller programs for the Ahmed Al Abdallah exclusively on 4shbab.

Al Khaima

4shbab resumes its wonderful program \"Al Khaima\" at its second season.

Al Hassan and al Hussein

The historical drama has a place on your TV 4shbab


In its third season on 4shbab TV, Sheikh Mohammed Aldodo presents his greatest Ramadan Program Mafaheem3.

Katalog 3

It is short dramatic scenes about some absent concepts generally in the society and especially in the new generation of young people, for example: reading, voluntary work, skillfulness at work and good treatment. The program will has an interesting and enjoyable style.